Icelandic Art Center
Icelandic Art Center
06. 06 2018
Call for applications: Skaftfell Residency Program 2019

Deadline: August 15, 2018.


Skaftfell is inviting applications from artists across the world to participate in the Skaftfell Residency Program 2019. The center offers self-directed residencies and thematic residencies. The call for applications for the thematic residencies can be found here.


Self-directed Residencies for individual artists and artistic collaborators


The self-directed residencies offer quiet time and space for independent research, reflection, and experiment. Artists are encouraged to use their stay for in-depth inquiries into their work processes and conceptual interests, to use the magnificent nature of Skaftfell’s surroundings as a source of energy and inspiration, to work at the interface of art and life, to share thoughts with other residency artists, and to embrace the idea of a “slow residency”, embedded in a small but vibrant rural community. The program is best suited for visual artists, but artists with interdisciplinary practices are also welcome to apply.


Duration: 1-4 months within the winter, spring, or autumn term. Residencies start at the beginning of a month and end on the last days of a month. We encourage artists to stay for 2 months or longer, in order to get deeper into place and practice.


Winter Term: 2nd January to 28th February 2019


Spring Term: 1st April to 31st May 2019


Autumn Term: 1st August to 30th November 2019


Program outline: The self-directed residency program hosts up to 6 artists simultaneously during the winter, spring, and autumn months. Artists-in-residence have the opportunity to give an artist talk or a workshop, to participate in Skaftfell’s education program for school children if suited, and to present their work in an open studio if they wish. The Skaftfell staff can support the artists’ individual working processes by offering general and project specific advice in weekly meetings and studio visits, by giving networking support, and lending tools and equipment, within capacity.


Accommodation and working spaces: Artists-in-residence stay in four historical houses throughout the town, all within short walking distance to Skaftfell and to each other. The houses are set up as private or shared self-catering accommodation, each including 2 bedrooms, a combined living and working space, bathroom and kitchen, work tables, washing machine, and WiFi.


Costs for the artist: Residency fee, travel costs, project expenses, and meals will be paid by the artist. The residency fee to be paid by the artist covers self-catering accommodation with combined living/working space, as well as general and PR support from Skaftfell staff. The fee varies according to the chosen type of residency.


Private residency: 105,000 ISK per month. Apartment with 2 bedrooms, 25m2 living/working space, for single use by the artist or by 2-3 artistic collaborators. Partners and children are welcome and stay for free.


Shared residency: 75,000 ISK per month per person. Private bedroom in a shared house with 2 bedrooms and either 2 separate work spaces (15m2 each) or 1 shared working space (25 m2). Shared with one other artist.


Research residency: 90,000 ISK per month. Small house with 1 bedroom and a sleeping loft, combined living/working space (15m2). For single use by the artist. Partners are welcome.


Group residency: 120,000 ISK per month per group (max. 4 collaborating artists). Accommodation in 2 shared bedrooms. With shared living/working space (25m2).


Grants: In 2019, Skaftfell is able to offer two grants for Nordic and Baltic artists, courtesy of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme. Further information here.