Icelandic Art Center
Icelandic Art Center
27. 02 2018
Call for Interns: Espresso Bar

The visual artists Ívar Glói Gunnarsson and Egill Sæbjörnsson are setting up an espresso bar for 2 weeks in Reykjavik – self built and selling the cheapest espresso in town for 100,- ISK/cup. In return for an artwork, they are looking for interns to guard the exhibition and to serve and sell espressos. The interns will be performers in the installation in this 2 week happening, interacting with people, guarding the works, keeping the exhibition in check and serving some coffee! There will be 6 shifts per intern. Each shift will be 4 hours during the entire 2 week period. They are looking for young artists, art students or anyone else who wants to earn an artwork as well as the experience in return for 24 hours of work.


If you are interested please submit 5 lines about yourself along with your CV to Kathy Clark ( by March 13, 2018.


The espresso bar is both a political work commenting on how boring it is to live in a world where simple things like a cup of coffee cost a fortune in large cities around the world and it’s a study on how to make and operate an espresso bar. Both Ívar Glói and Egill share a fascination about storefronts and the general idea of how things are “staged” in human society. The bar will host a selection of artworks especially made for the project with the bar setting the stage for those artworks.