Icelandic Art Center
Icelandic Art Center
12. 07 2016

Curate a Hayward Touring Exhibition

Hayward Touring invites proposals for an exhibition of contemporary art to be shown in four UK galleries in 2017/18. You don’t have to be a professional curator or exhibition-maker to submit an idea. We welcome suggestions for innovative projects from artists, writers and imaginative thinkers in all walks of life, as well as from people working in galleries and museums. Your proposal might be for an exhibition that re-invents the way we think about art; it might be a new and surprising take on a well-worn subject; there may be a theme or tendency in contemporary art and visual culture that you think deserves to be explored in new ways; or a theme that you have always thought would make a great exhibition.

The exhibition will open in MAC, Belfast in autumn 2017 and then tour to DCA, Dundee and two further venues to be announced.

The successful applicant will receive an honorarium and a budget for research and travel. S/he will work in collaboration with Hayward Touring and the participating galleries on an exhibition of around 350 square metres, to open in October 2017. The selection panel will include curators from Hayward Touring and the participating galleries.

Application deadline: 9am, Monday 5 September 2016

Short-listing: mid-September 2016

Interviews: End September / First week of October

Download the application form and guidelines or contact for details.

For even further information go to: