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Icelandic Art Center
05. 10 2011
Erró: Portrait and Landscape. Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt

Erró: Portrait and Landscape. Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt

6. October – 8. January 2012


The Icelandic artist Erró is one of the great solitary figures of twentieth- century art. At once Pop and Baroque, eye-catching and narrative, critical of society and humorous, moral and inscrutable, over the past fifty years he has produced an opulent, unmistakable oeuvre that resists all categorization. His critical narrative collages reproduce in painting combinations of pictorial elements from various popular sources to create eloquent, often disturbing tableaux. As reflections on great social themes such as politics, war, sexuality, science, and art, these dense visual arrangements seem to create a comprehensive atlas of images of the modern world.
On the occasion of Iceland’s turn as guest of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the SCHIRN will show Erró’s series “Scapes” and, for the first time, the artist’s entire cycle of “Monsters” from 1968. This bizarre series of double portraits confronts the official likenesses of prominent persons with a second, monstrously distorted face. Erró films from the 1960s will be shown as a link between the two work groups.


Curator: Esther Schlicht, SCHIRN


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Birdscape, 1979

Oil on canvas

200×300 cm

private collection

© VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2011

Photography: Guillaume Onimus