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12. 09 2018
International Open Call for art critic/curator residencies on the French Riviera

SEASON #4 – 2018 / 2019


Since 2015, thankyouforcoming hosts art critics and/or curators for a 7-day residency in Nice and surroundings.


Deadline: Sunday 23 September 2018, until midnight.





Founded in 2010, thankyouforcoming operates as a platform to devise, facilitate, produce and foster art projects, by working closely with artists, art critics and curators. More info on:


The association is based in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes (06), France.


thankyouforcoming develops and produces the Alpes-Maritimes Region’s New Patrons Program, with the support of the Fondation de France.


thankyouforcoming is part of DEL’ART and of Botox(s) – a network forcontemporary art involving 30 organisations that are engaged in the production and the promotion of contemporary art in the Mediterranean region and Southern French Alps.


ACROSS Season #4 is kindly supported by the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Region, the Ministry of Culture, the City of Nice and the Alpes-Maritimes Department.




In 2015, thankyouforcoming launches ACROSS, a curatorial and artcritic’s residency program run from Nice. 18 international professionals have successfully taken part of the program so far.


+ infos here:


ACROSS is a research and prospecting project, collaborative and experimental, which aims to:


– Introduce residents to the local artistic scenes and their territories,


– Enable the hosts to meet the cultural operators and visit the highlights of the area as well as its alternative scenes,


– Invite to reflect on and offer innovative critical approaches to projects developed in Nice and suburb, as well as in the associated towns (Mouans-Sartoux, Antibes, Cannes, Vence, Monaco etc),


– Counter-balance the logic of centralisation and rebalance the powerrelations between Paris and the French provinces, centre and suburbs, local and global, national and international,


– Devise a new operational tool for research, prospection and transmission through the mobility of its actors,


– Provide a framework allowing for the mobility of curators and critics, and make it visible,


– Offer the possibility to frame a specific work or deepen a line ofresearch,


– Create opportunities for meetings, initiate and enable an environment for exchanges and discussions to foster common experiments.


Past residents of ACROSS residency are: Camille Planeix, Sandra Doublet and Romain Boulay, Bénédicte Le Pimpec, Mickaël Roy, Septembre Tiberghien, Rosa Lleo, Radoslav Ištok, Emily Butler, Camille Paulhan, Cédric Fauq, Julia Geerlings, Marie Béchetoille, Sasha Pevak, Lorenzo Bruni, Chiara Nuzzi, Fabienne Bideaud and Ruth Estévez, from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovakia, The Netherlands, USA, Mexico, Spain, The United-Kingdom, Italia, Russia.




During Summer 2018, thankyouforcoming launches an international call for applications for 2 art critics and/or curators.


Be aware that 2 other projects have already been invited by the association for this fourth season.


These residencies allow the applicants to discover the French Riviera area’s contemporary art scene, to develop their research work and to participate in a new network.


The purpose of thankyouforcoming’s residencies is to foster links andcollaborations between its local art ecosystem and international artists, curators, art critics, institutions, galleries etc at an international scale.


TERMS OF THE RESIDENCY (dowload the PDF file for all terms)


> 1 opportunity for a 7-day residency is available for each resident, between February and April 2019 (choice of the week to be decided between thankyouforcoming and the selected candidates).


thankyouforcoming provides a 40m2 fully equipped apartment in the center of Nice (port area).


> Return travel expenses refunded (subject to the provision of receipts) up to EUR 250 for each residency.


> A total grant of EUR 150 is offered for 7 days.


> We are at the disposal of the resident, before and during the residency period, to facilitate contacts and organise visits and meetings with artists, institutions, curators, collectors, galleries, museums etc. on the French Riviera (Nice, Monaco, Mouans-Sartoux,Antibes, Cannes, Vence etc).


The resident is committed to respect the agreed schedule with thankyouforcoming.


> The resident is requested to propose a public event during his or her stay. Designed in advance of the residency, it will be developed with the support (intellectual, logistical and financial) of thankyouforcoming. The shape of this event is open, examples include: a reading session, lecture, presentation of research in progress, exhibition, walk, screening session etc. The content and the form of this public event should be defined with and approved by thankyouforcoming at least 60 days prior to the residency period.


A record of the residency and this event in particular will be posted on our website.


Fee: 150€ VAT, subject to the provision of invoice.




ACROSS’s residency programme is opened to all individuals, French or foreigners, who have curating and/or art critic experience.


The candidate must be particularly involved in a research area around the renewal of critical and curatorial practices and develop a particular interest in extradisciplinary investigations.


Motivated, enthusiastic, independent.


Team applications are subjected to the same conditions, to be shared.


Language: French or English




Deadline: Sunday 23 September 2018, until midnight.


Request for further information to be sent by e-mail to : Claire Migraine /


It is recommended that unselected candidates wait another season (2 years) before applying again.


Selection is performed by a jury of professionals, their decision is final.


To apply, please send us the following documents (in French or English) in one PDF file (vertical, A4 format, 5 Mo maximum) via e-mail to:


– The following information form (to be found on the PDF file), duly completed;

– A letter of motivation for the ACROSS residency (1 page maximum);

– A note of intent providing the nature of the proposed public event (as a guideline, as this event will be jointly specified by the resident and thankyouforcoming);

– A CV/resume detailing the projects undertaken as an art critic and/or curator, and your overall approach in your professional practice.