Icelandic Art Center
Icelandic Art Center
11. 09 2018


Open Call for ideas for new works and/or existing works and/or adaptations of existing works. It is open for local based artists and artist groups as well as artists from the rest of Finland and abroad,  from any art discipline.


Entry Deadline: October 31, 2018

Accepted Artist Notification: January 31, 2019


This regional exhibition will take a closer look at notions of place – from belonging to displacement. The concept is as simple as it is complex, and open to many interpretations and approaches.

We therefore seek artists from the Central Finnish region, or the rest of Finland and abroad with an interest to relate to Central Finland. Artists from any discipline, who are particularly interested in generating objects and activities surrounding notions of “place”, from the personal to the political and the planetary are invited to apply.

We are calling for new works and/or existing works and/or adaptations of existing works. Proposals can occupy multiple contexts, in any scale. All approaches, strategies and media are welcome including, but not limited to, painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, video, sound, performance, and installation etc.

The framework of the exhibition is developed in a dialogue between the selected artists and the curator.


Who is Eligible to apply?

1 The Open Call prioritizes artists from any art discipline who address notions of place within their work, and reflect upon questions around art production in relation to place.

2 Those working as individuals, artistic teams and collectives are eligible.

3 To apply you do not need to have an arts education or an artists’ association membership.


Exhibition is dived into two chapters:




Keuruu Museum June – September 2020

Galleria Jarska in Saarijärvi June – August 2020

Saarijärvi Museum June – September 2020




Jyväskylä Art Museum October 2020 – January 2021

How to make a proposal of new work(s) and/or existing work(s) and/or adaptation(s) of existing work(s)?


You can make an application by filling the Application Form.


Application language is English.


Application should contain the following

  • Name of the artist/name of the artist team/collective and the members
  • Contact information: Address, Email, Phone, Skype Address, Web-address for homepage
  • Summary of the idea for new work(s) and/or existing work(s) and/or adaptation of existing work(s) and the relationship to Central Finland (max 250 words)
  • Description of the new work(s) and/or existing work(s) and/or adaptation of existing work(s). Please, write down at least the questions you want to address, working method, production process, form/medium, approach/strategies, a few words around implementation and the economical frame with a basic budget. If you present an existing work, please, let us know the title, year and media. The proposal can also be a draft of an idea to be developed during the process.  (min 100 and max 2000 words)
  • CV (max 2 pages)
  • Biography (max 250 words)
  • Images of previous/existing works relevant to the application


Confidentiality and data protection


Proposals will be kept confidential, only accessible to the curator and exhibition team.

All the proposals will be saved as a documentation in the Jyväskylä Art Museum archives unless the applicant denies it.

Information concerning the data protection principles (In Finnish)



  • Application fee is 25 € and will be paid to Jyväskylä Artists’ association’s bank account FI51 8000 1079 4116 75, SWIFT-BIC: DABAFIHH
  • The organizations will pay an exhibition fee for members of Kuvasto according to Kuvasto price list, for others by agreement.
  • The exact form and production budget for the selected proposals is to be negotiated.
  • The organizers are responsible for transportation and installation of the works.
  • The applicants will commit to take part to the video documentation project.


Selection process

  • The artists / works will be selected by curator Rickard Borgström in co-operation with the exhibition team.
  • The applicants of interest can be contacted by the curator to discuss their proposal before the final selection.


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