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Anna Jóelsdóttir

Anna Jóelsdóttir received her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2002. Earlier she studied at the University Teachers College of Iceland (B.Ed ́78) and University of East Anglia in England (MA, ́85).

Drawing from personal experience, art history, and interpretations of current events, Jóelsdóttir ́s abstract paintings reflect the everyday, unconscious practice of creating personal narratives from memory, and the inevitable interpretations and misinterpretations of human interaction.


In the last few years, through large site specific installations, Jóelsdóttir has been exploring the possibilities and limitations of her paintings to move from the canvas and the the wall into space. She does this by painting on both sides of translucent drafting film folding, twisting, cutting, weaving, and rebuilding into large site relational sculpural canvases.


Anna lives and works in Chicago.


black/ svart  ASI Art Museum, Reykjavik, 2014


brot/ fragment,fracture, fold,violation. Installation detail. ASI Art Museum Reykjavík, 2014


logic#1, acrylic and ink and colored pencil on canvas , 48″ x 72″ ( 122 x 183 cm) . 2010