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Arna G. Valsdóttir

Arna G. Valsdóttir ( b.1963 )


Gratuated in 1986 from the The Icelandic College of Art sand Crafts, graphic department, and in 1989 from video/audio department of the Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, The Netherlands.


Since 1998 she has been living and working in Akureyri. Her works are mostly multimedia installations where she combines her love for singing with the visual image and the environment.


In my work I try to catch and record my raw, first impression of the space I work in before my reason starts to kick in. I deliberately work on silencing the inner censorship and allow the moment to have its way. I then project the recording in the space, fitting it in, making an extension of the building. When entering a site an image normally starts to take form in the back of my head, often involving a travel from one spot to another. In some spaces an old tune, or fragments of it, comes to my head and I then hum it or sing to my self while traveling through the space. In other buildings I simply allow the moment to create the tune while traveling. In some works I am behind the camera humming directly into it while moving in the surrounding and filming.


I am fascinated by techniques but tend to use them in a simple manner as if it was just an extension of me as a human being. I like it ́s vulnerability which resonates with the vulnerability of us humans. In some works I use the technique to communicate with myself or try to get the different internal voices in sink trough singing in harmony and then possible shutting my self off at some moment.




5.Fresh Winds