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Arna Óttarsdóttir

Arna Óttarsdóttir (b.1986)

Arna Óttarsdóttir’s practice explores the traditional methods of the loom, creating elaborate tapestries. The visual source derives from her sketchbooks, where she does not select the final motif based on refined finish, but rather on the possibility of future exploration.

Óttarsdóttir experiments with the material, pulling it this way and that, either with purpose or in quest. Thus the audience is invited into a process of discovery and gets a taste of the joy of training in and mastering a craft. The works display the principal characteristics of tapestry; interplay on horizontal and vertical axes. In the weaving, Óttarsdóttir continually seeks to break away from tradition by opting for images of varying complexity with diagonal lines, spirals, and circles. Óttarsdóttir is driven by the transformation of the mundane and unremarkable into something of significance. The works project the joy and wonder of alchemy, generating value out of nothing but diligence and ingenuity.

We have selected two of Óttarsdóttir’s existing works which will be transported from Iceland for this exhibition, including a jacket with intricate tapestry work and a hanging tapestry.