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Húbert Nói

Húbert Nói Jóhannesson observes in his works locations, memory and related elements of movement and stillness.


His mesmerizing works aim at the inner chemistry of the observer, driven by collective memory and emotions of the sublime.


In The Icelandic Art Academy Húbert Nói Jóhannesson observed spatial geometry, locations in and around Reykjavik drawn and painted from memory.


“……..I do paint from memory, after having the building or the location extract in the subconscious for some time” *
*Interview: Þjóðviljinn 1 August 1987 bls 15. 56 árgangur. 155 tölublað.


Jóhannesson conciously observes the process of moving a place or a location from the outer into the inner realm and moving it out again in the form of an art object which subsequent becomes a part of the outside realm.


Early works show his own and his friends homes that are drawn from memory and are sited by street name and number.
Later works show locations indicated with coordinates,originally a celestial navigation of longitude and lattitude, an approach that transforms what seems a traditional landscape painting into spatial geometry gained from memory.


The exhibition space is for Jóhannesson a subject and motive and from 1985 site specific paintings from the museum interior continuo in his body of works. In the site specific works the observers memory gets involved in the comparison of the motive and replica the inner and outer and during that still process the movable element of the mind emerges, questioning if our concious makes the move or if concious is the movement itself.


In his movies of geothermal steam Jóhannesson bring to the surface and puts to attention locations and elements taking place kilometers under earths surface.
Húbert Nói Jóhannessons works as whole can be seen as a metaphore for the human interior, mapping locations and paths within and as such reverberate ancient religious and philosophical systems.




-65°02´99´´N 22°47´21´´W 323° True North

65°02´99´´N 22°47´21´´W  323° True North

 25 x 40 cm

 Oil on canvas




-Gallery Solon Islandus 1994

Location: Gallery Solon Islandus 

32 x 23 cm

Oil on canvas 



Nýlistasafnið/ The Living Art Museum Vatnsstíg 3

25 x 17 cm

Drawing on paper