Icelandic Art Center
Icelandic Art Center
Kristinn Guðbrandur Harðarson

For the last two decades Kristin’s works have mainly revolved around two channels. One dealing with works that fall within the category of his art focusing on exploring the surroundings where he has stayed or traveled for longer or shorter periods. These works are made using various methods: paintings, cartoons, stories, photographs, videos… and the medium and approach are selected with the narrative in mind: what is most appropriate for the subject and the point of view, being displayed each time. 

 The second channel deals with slightly different artworks. Although those works also follow a narrative, the context of image and text is more ambiguous. They develop spontaneously, appearing as fragmented snippets of ideas or images. The works are created from momentary inspiration drawing on a secret well of experience, but simultaneously they are deeply rooted in the artists surrounding at that moment. Yet another great inspiration is the media, that today is an enveloping part of human surroundings. 



Burglary, Three Earthworms and the Icelandic Potato, Fokhelt, (detail), 2009



The Green Mountain, Stöpullinn, Listasafn ASI, 2015