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Sigurður Árni Sigurðsson

Sigurdur Árni Sigurdsson (b. 1963) is a painter of shadows, pictorially representing shade cast by objects that are not represented. Yet his “hole” paintings, in which he leaves circles of exposed ground—holes that have their own painted shadows—reveal the true subject of Sigurdur’s work. In his words, he aims to “reach through the paint to the bare canvas beyond it, in effect to create a world in between the oil paint and the canvas.” Testing the relationship between subject and ground, and the figurative and the abstract, Sigurdur creates a sense of spatial uncertainty and calls forth the viewer’s imagination to determine what is seen and what is not.


A view from the exhibition “Jardins d’ombre” in FRAC-Corse.
Four paintings: Oil on canvas, 200X220 cm. 2012.
Maquette: “Model of a landscape”, mixed media: wood, light. 200X200X50cm. 1995.