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Úlfur Karlsson

Úlfur Karlsson (1988) was born in Sweden and lives and works in Iceland.  He graduated from the Academy of Arts in Gothenburg (Valand) in 2012 and began his artistic path as an experimental filmmaker but his profession is painting. The cosmoses of his works are built with spontanious swift movement and force and they vibrate with the atmosphere of moving pictures where the end has been cut off. Those worlds are made of  half-knowledge, often aggressive, dangerous and alien. He draws small figures and places them in scenes of striking colors that he pulls to the limits and sometimes too far. These small figures make hints to the uncanny half-stories of the bigger picture within the painting itself.

Úlfurs inspiration comes from his surroundings, political, social and personal and he does not belive that it is possible to be totally neutral, be it personally, in art or politically. He uses the materials at hand, such as spray, found objects and walls, combined with older teqnique of painting and drawing.

He has exhibited in Sweden, Athens and Iceland.


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