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With texts by: Hannes Sigurðsson, Christian Schoen, Hjálmar Sveinsson


Homesickness is a term used in a number of languages to express illness, pain or a longing for one’s distant home. Homesickness is a concrete feeling or a romantic term. It is childish, antiquated and yet current and relevant since it touches on the question of one’s own (individual or collective, ethnic or cultural) identity. The question of what ‘home’ can signify in times of globalised societies, which leads on to the question of what is signified by ‘homesickness’, can be put both concretely and metaphorically. The question can be grasped as an approach both towards the subjective phenomenon of people yearning for a sense of belonging and towards a cultural or ethnic group’s collective pursuit of identity.

It was also its assonant double entendre that caused HOMESICK to be chosen as the laconic title of the exhibition project in which the desire to leave home is likewise expressed: to be sick of home. The globalised world economy demands modern nomadism from the individual; the home becomes a claustrophobic nightmare, escape represents freedom.


The exhibition involved the artists Guy Ben-Ner (Israel),Chantal Michel (Switzerland), Nevin Aladag (Turkey), Katrin Sigurðardóttir (Iceland), Haraldur Jónsson (Iceland), Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson (Iceland/Spain).


Editors: Hannes Sigurðsson and Christian Schoen

May 2006, English / Icelandic

40 pp

ISBN 9979-9632-4-7