Icelandic Art Center
Icelandic Art Center

Role and Goals

The Role


The Icelandic Art Centers’ role is to introduce and support Icelandic visual arts abroad. The Center assists artists and art professionals in realizing  projects through means of funding, networking and cooperation with public and private associations, organizations and enterprises. The Icelandic Art Center commissions the Icelandic Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.


The Goals
The Icelandic Art Centers’ aims at building and strengthening the networks between the local and international visual art scene and activating the engagement of Icelandic visual artists and professionals in the international art dialogue. In the coming years, among the Center’s goals are to:

• Facilitate the presentation of Icelandic artists abroad in international galleries, at exhibitions and events of various kinds.
• Facilitate participation of Icelandic art galleries in established art fairs.
• Initiate collaborations between Icelandic and international artists in Iceland and abroad.
• Create a residency program for international art professionals in Iceland.
• Extend the Centers’ visitor’s program in close collaboration with private and official institutions.
• Secure Iceland as a host country for international art projects and strengthen the position of   Iceland as a cultural destination.