Arngunnnur Ýr: Hljóðaklettar

Site specific installation with oil paint on wood, painted rocks.

Painting is much like geology. You add something, you take it away, and stuff settles into cracks and crevices, and, much like the landscape, painting often gets better the more time it takes, accidents and unexpected turns happen, some for the better, some for the worse. As both painting and geology are my passion, it seems to make sense to combine them in the work I do, and this gets manifested in a variety of ways. Hljóðaklettar, a magical spot in the magnificent Jökulsárgljúfur canyon hold some of Iceland´s rarest geological gems and wonders, where a whole row of craters has been dissected by the powers of the mighty glacial river. It is a rare treat to get to look straight into the center of a crater, much like cutting a Hershey Kiss in half. The place holds true awe, a rugged coldness and sharpness, an almost eery perfection that leaves one humble and breathless. I traveled to the location to pick boulders and rocks from the site to include in the installation, with the permission of the national park management. As there hardly exists a sterner, eerier  location in all of Iceland, I decided to turn that sensation on its head and approach it from a more playful, almost childlike perspective, drawing from Cobra and mid century abstraction with a bright and free palette. 



04.09.2020 - 27.10.2020

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Sjá hér


Wind and Weather Window Gallery


Wind and Weather Window Gallery
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Sjá hér

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