Creation of Childhood 2021

This is the eighth annual exhibition with the title Creation of Childhood. The aim is to present and stimulate creative work and creative thinking of school children from the age of five to sixteen. Participants each time are children and artists who create works according to the theme, which this time is Earthly Vegetation. 

The participating artists this year are Eggert Pétursson and Guðbjörg Ringsted. They are well known for their paintings where the main subjects are plants and flowers. The participating playschool is Iðavellir and the elementary schools Glerárskóli, Síðuskóli and Giljaskóli, as well as Akureyri Museum / Toy Museum.

Children from the playschool create their work at the museum under guidance from Guðbjörg Ringsted and Guðrún Pálína Guðmundsdóttir, museum teacher and curator. Art teachers from the elemenatary schools cooperate with their students in creating the works they will exhibit. 

Curator: Guðrún Pálína Guðmundsdóttir.


20.02.2021 - 02.05.2021

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