Eðli Hlutanna

Birgir and Elín have spoken regularily for a few months, and done experiments together as well as creating works for this duo-exhibition in Midpunkt. The pieces have been constructed, made with clay, pieced to together, disassembled, connected with electricity, frozen, burnt and filmed with heatcameras.

Elín and Birgir have made performances together since 2010 and had an made an installation, video and perfomance for Plan B artfestival 2019 in Borgarnes. This time they are heading down an untrodden path. They will use led lights, clay, wood and painting to create ligh-sculptures. For the fist time ever they will show the results of their experiements with heatcameras, where they explore the heat flow stream fo artworks in a video. Visitors will be able to influence the show by changing colors of the lights with a remote control. The work is based on experiments in different mediums as well as conversations between Elín and Birgir.

Birgir Sigurðsson uses all kinds of lights, electric wires, concrete, found objects and wood when creating his models. The works are sketches for larger light-sculptures, but they can also stand as independent pieces, created with loving detail and technical skill of an electrician. Birgir has made visual arts for 20 years, and participated in several exhibition as a self taught artist, as well as working as an electrician.

Elín Anna Þórisdóttir has taken part in several art shows and artistic projects. For the past years she has used clay to create small spaces and small familiar objects that she uses both hear insight and memory to make. She is fascinated by the process of creativity as well as the artobject and adventures into the unexpected.


01.04.2021 - 10.04.2021

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Hamraborg 22, 200 Kópavogur
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