For Sure

The exhibition includes the works of 8 artists based in Iceland, Sweden and Austria. The artists work with various mediums, ranging from audio installations, photography, sculpture and video.

We invite you to the opening on the 15th of May at 14:00.

Johannes Wahlström
Klængur Gunnarsson
Kristina Lindberg
Ksenia Yurkova
Lars Dyrendom
Logi Leó Gunnarsson
Maria Safronova Wahlström
Olof Marsja

Curator: Maria Safronova Wahlström.

Text: Maria Safronova Wahlström & Johannes Wahlström

Translation: √ě√≥rd√≠s A√įalsteinsd√≥ttir.

The day grows grey.
And we know for sure what the difference is.

Every single person running to their job in the Monday morning sleet knows, and all the children playing in their muddy kindergarten yards know. The news anchor on TV’s evening news knows, and the bus driver knows. The librarian knows, and the museum curator knows. The engineering student in the café knows, and the alcoholic sleeping by the tram stop knows if you wake him. The writer on the radio program knows, and your mom knows.

We all know – what the difference is between us and them. We have no doubts about what and who we actually are, and we see others very well. The days grow grey, but not our beliefs. They will stay strong, in the bright light of self-affirmation, and they will guide us through the twilight of uncertain times.

The exhibition FOR SURE ventures into the deep unknown, and boldly goes where no man has gone before. At least of free will.
To explore who we are and what we are.

No, not through the navel in search for our “inner selves”, but something much more scary.

The artists gaze, sometimes with a twitch, or is it a blink, or maybe a twinkle, or perhaps it’s just something stuck in the eye, into our own societies, into our collective beings, in search for the boundaries of the social bodies they belong to and from there they sketch the contents.

Sort of like if you were swallowed by a whale and asked to describe it from the inside, only without the swallowing part, as you’ve always been in it, and you have a faint suspicion that this whale thing that people keep going on about might actually have stranded quite some time ago.


15.05.2021 - 20.06.2021

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