Latent Shadow pt. II:

The second installment of the exhibition and project series Latent Shadow, curated by Claudia Hausfeld and Daría Sól Andrews, presented in Harbinger throughout 2020, opens next Saturday on October 17th. This installment presents a group exhibition with works by Berglind Hreiðarsdóttir, Anne Rombach, Elín Hansdóttir and Chelsey Honders. The four artists present a range of photographic works that explore the manipulation of surfaces and structure, the distortion of context, spaces of transition, the complication of comprehension and the literary meaning of images.
Due to Covid19 there will not be a formal opening, but Harbinger gallery will be accessible on October 17th from 12 – 4pm to celebrate the exhibition, which will run through November 7th. 
In conjunction with the exhibition, an online lecture with Emmanuel Lefrant and Aliki Braine will take place on October 22nd. An online screening of works by Lefrant and Braine will be accessible digitally throughout the days leading up to the talk.

photo credit: Elín Hansdóttir, PORTAL (1:1) 2020


17.10.2020 - 07.11.2020


Freyjugata 1, 101 Reykjavík

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