Þórunn Bára Björnsdóttir: Being

Þórunn Bára’s will present her exhibition, Being in Gallery Fold on Rauðarárstígur on Saturday, the 31st of October 2020. The common thread drawn between Þórunn Bára’s artwork is the perception of nature. She believes that perceptual understanding is an underestimated approach to critical thinking about the responsibility people bear towards their environment, an approach that can reduce alienation and encourage good deeds. Þórunn Bára creates large, colourful artwork with equivocal shapes from nature and its flora. Þórunn sought inspiration in Surtsey and the ongoing investigation of life forming on a volcanic island far out at sea. Her works freeze a moment in time, creating a space for inner dialogue between the viewer the quotidian natural scenes that seldom attract attention.

Þórunn Bára completed an exam in Drawing and Painting at the Edinburgh College of Art and acquired her Master’s in Art at the Wesleyan University in Connecticut.
Þórunn Bára’s comments regarding the exhibition are:  
“Being is the title of my exhibition in Gallery Fold. It exhibits new acrylic paintings on canvases which refer to lush and abundant nature: flora of all sorts fastened their roots in barren volcanic paths in an ecosystem removed from the interference of man.

I seek inspiration in the natural formation of life progressing on Surtsey. The paintings attest the beauty of nature and its strength as well as its vulnerabilities. Nature is the basis of all life on earth and connecting with nature enables one to experience feelings of self-improvement and to better understand one’s own life.
With my artwork I wish to draw attention to nature and let it touch our hearts so that we may take an informed stance towards climate change whose effects on all life continues to escalate.

The ecosystem is in trouble. The Earth is our only home. We share a common responsibility to fight the diverse causes of global warming in words as well as deeds. This exhibition is my contribution.”
Due to restrictions to assembly the opening will only be virtual. The exhibition will be streamed on Gallery Fold’s Facebook page and the transmission will start at 14.00. 

The show will stand until the 21st of November of this year and is accessible as per the opening hours of the Gallery.


31.10.2020 - 21.11.2020

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