WITHIN REACH-The Wheel 2021

Opening June 12th at 13
Where: The Landfill by Laugarnestangi, gps: 64.15556, -21.8774

A warm welcome to the opening of The Wheel 2021, Saturday June 12th. The opening event starts at 1 pm with a small ceremony on the landfill at Laugarnestangi where Ólafur BĂładĂłttir’s work is located.Afterwards, the curator and exhibitors will greet visitors by the various works of the exhibition, which spreads over the large area of Laugardalur. At 3 pm, In GrasagarĂ°ur Botanical Gardens there will be a live performance of SigrĂșn GyĂ°a SveinsdĂłttir’s work. www.hjolid.isWITHIN REACH is the fourth edition of The Wheel, an exhibition series by the Sculptors’ Association in ReykjavĂ­k. This time the exhibition takes place in Laugardalur, a large area where business and residential areas meet and shape the environment and human behavior. WITHIN REACH looks towards art’s ability to reach the part of reality that falls in between or is left behind when we plan and understand the world around us as a man-made environment.

Anna LĂ­ndal
Claudia Hausfeld
Ólafur Sveinn Gíslason
Ólöf BĂładĂłttir
RĂșnar Örn JĂłhönnu MarinĂłsson
SigrĂșn GyĂ°a SveinsdĂłttir

CURATOR: Sunna ÁstĂŸĂłrsdĂłttir


12.06.2021 - 05.09.2021


All Day

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