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Dorka Csora: Let’s Sit Down

10 March20 March

“A world in process
of shifting, of being made or dissolved,
and yet we didn’t live that way;
all of us lived our lives
as simultaneous ritualized enactment
of a great principle, something
felt but not understood.
And the remarks we made were like in a play,
spoken with conviction but not from choice.
A principle, a terrifying familial will
that implied opposition to change, to variation,
a refusal even to ask questions-
Now that world begins
to shift and eddy around us, only now
when no longer exists.
It has become the present: unending and without form”
part of the poem Youth by Louise Glück
What is weighing you down?
Are you being held back by the past, or are you pressured to move
Are these just phases that help us to feel more comfortable , as
somehow melancholy is a state we are very familiar with?
Do you want to talk?
Let’s sit down.
Dorka Csora is a Hungarian born, Berlin raised multidisciplinary artist, based in Reykjavik focusing on carpentry and design.
OPIÐ: 10.03.23 / 20.03.23 – fri/satur/sundays 10:00 to 20:00 or by appointment