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Brim og bréfbátar

20 November, 202128 November, 2021

The exhibition is being held in Reykjavík Iceland with artists Nikolina Ställborn, Hildur Margrétardóttir and Þorgerður Jörundsdóttir, from the Nordic region. As the Arctic is subjected to the most rapid effects of global warming and changes are clearly visible in our closest surroundings. The works will explore myths of reality. Ideas and cultural understandings permeate our habitats. The idea of heimat and the looming disaster of an ever increasingly warming earth. We daydream of happiness and a glade of one’s own as we strive to enhance our personal lives and forget that our existence is irrevocably tied to our closest surroundings. Our surroundings shape us in an interconnected network that makes up a larger world. We seem unable to comprehend the effect our world has on us and the effect we have on our world.

At the same time we feel as if we are almighty and powerful in shaping the world in our own image. Embracing the Anthropocene is embracing the destruction of the natural world and of ourselves. Our myths of reality, our understanding of nature and our dreams are shaped by how we use and exploit natural resources. Our minds conquered matter a long time ago. There is a significant cultural apathy towards preservation and there are deep inconsistencies within our societies regarding our ideas of sustainability and the general idea of our personal growth and economic freedom.