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Elvar Örn Kjartansson: The System

17 September, 202211 December, 2022

In his exhibition The System, Elvar Örn Kjartansson seeks to bring to the surface the invisible system behind the modern amenities that we take for granted.

Since 2016 Elvar Örn has been working on an extensive photographic project, for which he visits businesses and public bodies in Iceland and takes photographs of various spaces. The system is large and complex, comprised of buildings, institutions and service companies, and the innumerable parts which make up its infrastructure. Each and every one of them serves a specific purpose, ensuring that society can continue to function from day to day; and we live our lives within it almost unconsciously. Only when the electrical supply fails, or we lose our internet connection, are we affected – and especially when a whole sector of the economy is impacted by industrial action.