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Exhibition / open studio

13 May15 June

We are Ástriður Jósefina Ólafsdóttir and Clizia Macchi, and we are very excited to invite you to our duo pop up exhibition / open studio / common creative space in the ex Þula Gallery.
Although of different nationalities and not knowing each other until a few years ago, we have a lot in common: both born in artists families and grown up in small villages in central Italy, almost the same age, the passion for aerial sports and the desire for a new start culminated with our moving to Iceland around the same time. We even had our studios at the same address at some point.
Naturally a dialogue around our creative path has emerged and strongly developed over time, the idea of building a project together popping up more and more often and taking shape effortlessly.
Our project has finally come to life and Therefore you are all invited to the opening event from 2pm to 6pm on the 13th of May.
A selection of old and new paintings will be exposed and available for sale, and a new joint project will be started and completed during our “residence” in the space.
The exhibition will be open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 1pm to 5pm, and by appointment outside opening hours.
So, drop by for a visit: we will be delighted to meet you.
A little bit more about us:
Ástríður Jósefína Ólafsdóttir studied and graduated cum laude from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna in 2013 and completed a Masters degree in Visual Arts in 2016.
She is currently working in Reykjavik and has a studio by the downtown collective “Hafnar.haus” situated above Listasafn Reykjavíkur.
Ástríður has been exhibiting her works from 2012 both in Italy and Iceland, her last two shows in Reykjavik were held in “Gallerý Núllið” June 2022 and in “Galleri Fold” october 2022 in which she presented paintings from a series she has been working on the last three years.
The series is called “Panneggio” , like the old master’s technique of painting tissue drapings and studying the anatomy of the fabrics. The inspiration comes from a circus activity called aerial silks that she has also been practising in the last ten years. At first the body was present and in communication with the fabric, later it vanished, leaving only a trace on the drape, which became a simple object giving infinite possibilities. She recently added light to the game of building and painting sculptures of fabric, so the works now look like planets, suns or dreamlike landscapes, where a strong source of light, like a trapped energy, is trying to break through the fabric.
Clizia Macchi
Born in Tuscany, Italy, in 1985, the first steps as a creative were moved in 2010 with photography, with assignments in Tuscany and later in the UK.
During the years there has been a gradual shift from camera to canvas, keeping most of the attention on the process of a research within the abstract side of painting.
Colours and mood always come first in the compositions, whether or not there is a recognisable figure in them. The research on natural shapes and human figures and how they entwine with colours are the main focus in the body of work.
The dialogue with literature is also strongly present in some of the series of paintings, be it with Nordic and Mediterranean mythological tales or specific books or authors. Trying to convey the overall mood of the story in images is in this case the centre of the research.


13 May
15 June
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