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20 May27 May

FERRELYTE is an artist duo consisting of Kamile Pikelyte and Victoria Björk Ferrell. Founded in late 2022, the collaborative project began as an exploration of the intersection between their practices, with a focus on cataclysmic and ecological themes. ‘IN NUCLEUS’ is the first exhibition of FERRELYTE’s co-created works.
Saturday 20.5: opening + performance @ 2 pm
Sunday 21.5: open 2-5 pm
Thursday 26.5: Good Thursday, open 5-9 pm
Saturday 27.5: open 2-5 pm
and by appointment
Kamile Pikelyte, a Lithuanian-born artist, graduated from the Fine Arts Department at the Iceland University of the Arts in the spring of 2022. Her artistic practice is interdisciplinary and takes shape in a variety of media, including video, 3D renderings, sculpture, performance, and internet archive practices. Through her art, Kamile questions the systematic labeling of certain things as “dirty” to mask uncomfortable truths, such as resource exploitation, poverty, and pollution. Her creations seek to bring to the spotlight often hidden realities that lie beneath the surface. Kamile’s creations resemble collages, composed of fragmented components that form a complex network of symbols and codes. Her work is inspired by the reckless and ever-increasing combination of human excess and disregard for reality, sparking new thoughts and ideas.
Victoria Björk Ferrell also graduated from the Fine Arts department at the Icelandic University of the Arts in the spring of 2022. Victoria’s practice is a continuous research on the poetics of opposing forces and traces of tensions and emotions found in the atmosphere. With her work she explores humans’ intimate relation with time and nature; the absence of time, ephemerality and eternities. Observing the collisions of time-scales and matter as if they’re fragments of performances left behind in the environment. Within the gradient, where one thing fades into the other, she likes to seek out narratives of what may have been and what might become.