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They won´t stand time

25 August, 202225 September, 2022

They won’t stand time merges dissolution and expectations with the fluidity of life and the creative force of destruction, transformation and movement. Processes that belong to both nature and society, fleeting but momentarily real.

Liquid seeps through holes and cracks, sparks life, hollows and takes. Earthly remains in salt containers become one with the ocean again. Evaporate or disintegrate, but do not disappear. There is always the possibility of something more. If we wish hard enough, we’ll reach transcendental bliss.

The board of The Living Art Museum brought the artists together through an open call issued by the museum, Nermine El Ansari and Margrét Dúadóttir Landmark facilitated their conversation, in collaboration with Sunna Ástþórsdóttir.