Brynjar Helgason: Phenomenology

Phenomenon Gallery Ægisgata 7, Reykjavík

To speak in dated terms via metaphysics of a force field surrounding a set of material art objects I determine that my practise is all about such construction. In a world of it’s own however an osmosis is assumed with a perfect stranger whos’ subjecthood would qualify the experience with regard to history and society, …

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Lawrence Weiner & Birgir Andrésson

i8 Gallery Tryggvagata 16, Reykjavík, Iceland

Language is at the essence of Lawrence Weiner and Birgir Andrésson’s artistries. The iconic conceptualists, who were also friends, are inextricably linked to the power of words and their methods of expression, particularly through the visual power of text. Andrésson and Weiner explored the boundaries of what art can be, pushing past traditional understandings of …

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Sophie Durand: looking for / stumbling across

Associate Gallery Köllunarklettsvegi 4, Reykjavík, Iceland

 Associate Gallery is located at Köllunarklettsvegur 4. 'looking for / stumbling across’ is a collection of research, a gathering of gestures, a map of movement. Sophie Durand presents an installation of objects that hold within them a journey, using the gallery space to create a temporary place for the ideas she has accumulated. "I think …

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Hyojung Bea:

Gilfélagið Kaupvangsstræti 32, Akureyri, Iceland

"Ieodo" is a mythical salvation island with the lore that has been passed down for many generations. Jeju Island residents believe that after someone goes through adversities in their present life, one can enjoy their afterlife in paradise island-Ieodo. When Haenyeos ride boats to gather materials from the distant sea and row their boats, they …

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Una Björg Magnúsdóttir: Treacherous Silver Sheen

Listasafn ASÍ - Samkomuhúsið Súðavík Grundarstræti 1, Súðavík, Iceland

TREACHEROUS SILVER SHEEN The exhibition Treacherous Silver Sheen meets the eye in a space that is already full of layers, stories, and fingerprints. On display are sculptures and images. Some address the space directly and others raise questions about time and value judgements. The exhibition’s innermost layer is uncharted territory, a found space within a …

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Emma Heiðarsdóttir: Light Switch

Ásmundarsalur Freyjugata 41, Reykjavík, Iceland

In her work, Emma Heiðarsdóttir (b. 1990) deals with the shifting boundaries between sculpture and architecture, art and life. Her works are often based on interventions into the spaces or surroundings where they are exhibited and tend to challenge our habitual view of the environment. Her exhibition Light Switch shows an effort to examine space …

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We are Bad People. I’m a Bad Person.

Portfolio Gallery Hverfisgata 71, Reykjavík, Iceland

Egill Logi Jónasson graduated from the Akureyri School of Visual Arts in 2012 and graduated from the Icelandic Academy of Arts in 2016. He uses a wide variety of media, such as painting and music, in his artistic creations. He is also known by the stage name ,,Drengurinn fengurinn ‘’

Land Mermaids

Svigrúm Gallery Hverfisgata 37, Reykjavík, Ísland, Iceland

"Land Mermaids" (2023) by Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia & Martina Priehodová "As the sea covers the last bit of land left, the land mermaids have no choice but to return to where they came from, leaving behind nothing but their empty carapace. Julie Sjöfn Gasiglia & Martina Priehodová started collaborating in 2022, after discovering their shared …

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The Sculpture Association Nýlendugata 17a, Reykjavík, Iceland

At the exhibition Loungæ, Hlökk Þrastardóttir and Sindri Leifsson envisions the term "lounge" as sitting rooms, especially in hotels or offices, but also in the sense of lounging around or hanging out. They draw inspiration from the world of ideas of the Stone Age and compare it to the modern world and the reality we …

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Kristinn E. Hrafnsson: all is nigh

Hverfisgallerí Hverfisgata 4, Reykjavík, Iceland

The exhibition text, written by the Icelandic writer and poet Sigmundur Ernir Rúnarsson, contains the following passages: “Time passes. This is knowledge we have. And probably conviction. Perhaps, it’s the least we can expect. From our giggling youth, it comes and goes. Rather fumbling. And therein lies a certain security. Because time can’t pass differently. …

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Hugo Llanes: And When The Sun Rises, I Look at The Sun

Associate Gallery Köllunarklettsvegi 4, Reykjavík, Iceland

With ‘When The Sun Rises, I Look at The Sun’, Hugo Llanes proposes to reframe domestication, exploitation, and the introduction of certain crops as an example of socio-political events, namely the arrival of the Spanish to the Americas, and the evolution of the agricultural industries built in the Latin American context. Focusing on land and …

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Zuzanna J. Wrona: Everything was forever, until it wasn’t

Opið sýningarrými Ingólfsstræti 6, Reykjavík, Iceland

''Everything was Forever, Until it Wasn't" is a captivating and enchanting art exhibition that pays homage to the breathtaking beauty of Icelandic flora. Nestled in a land where nature's splendor is fleeting due to the country's unique geography, this exhibition is a celebration of the ephemeral beauty that blooms and flourishes, even if for just …

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VOR/WIOSNA festival

Sláturhúsið Kaupvangi 9, Egilsstaðir, Iceland

In April 2023 we will celebrate our fourth edition of VOR/WIOSNA festival and this year we dedicate the theme to Design; a variety of design practices from ceramics, fashion to product and food design. In the exhibition we will present not only creations from Iceland based artists born in Poland but also two designers of …

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Guðrún Einarsdóttir: Paintings

Listval - GRANDI Hólmaslóð 6, Reykjavík, Iceland

Guðrún Einarsdóttir´s exhibition Paintings calls upon the natural elements of Iceland, presenting meditative and impactful works that examine materiality, physicality, and organic forms. Throughout her career, Guðrún has studied the properties of oil paint, developing a breadth of textures that have come to characterize her work. What results is a unique visual world that references …

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Þula Hjartartorg, Laugavegur 21, Reykjavík, Iceland

Áslaug Íris Elli Egilsson Kristín Morthens Þorvaldur Jónsson Anna Maggý Helga Páley Auður Lóa Tolli Rakel McMahon

Litlar lindir

Listasalur Mosfellsbæjar Þverholt 2, Mosfellsbær, Iceland

Berglind Erna Tryggvadóttir Geirþrúður Einarsdóttir

Solander 250: bréf frá Íslandi

The Printmakers Gallery Tryggvagata 17, Reykjavík, Iceland

Aðalheiður Valgeirsdottir, Anna Líndal, Daði Guðbjörnsson, Gíslína Dögg Bjarkadóttir, Guðmundur Ármann Sigurjónsson, Iréne Jensen, Laura Valentino, Soffía Sæmundsdóttir, Valgerður Björnsdóttir and Viktor Petur Hannesson.

Nadine Baldow: A Pleasure to be Alive

SÍM Gallery Hafnarstræti 16, Reykjavík, Iceland

The works in this show are dedicated to my dear friend Josefine Lehner, who was moved by the Icelandic Landscape deeply. Nadine Baldow’s practice is informed by the current geological era, known as the Anthropocene, where traces of human activity are embedded within planet earth. Are we still part of nature? Did estrangement from nature …

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Ingibjörg Sigurjónsdóttir: Annotations

OPEN Grandagarður 27, Reykjavík, Iceland

Annotations opens in OPEN Saturday April 29th at 3 pm. This is the final exhibition at OPEN, exhibition space/studios at Grandagarður 27. The artist book Svanasöngur by Ingibjörg Sigurjónsdóttir will be published on this occasion. The artists behind OPEN - Arnar, Hildigunnur, Una and Örn - will open an exhibition in Ingibjörg's studio on Klapparstígur …

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Homing the Home

Annabelle's Home Framnesvegur 27, Reykjavík, Iceland

For the inaugural exhibition of Annabelle's home Styrmir Örn Guðmundsson encloses the space. His wallpaper "Subliminal Playground" is doing the 'homing', evoking movement and offering imagination. It “homes” while providing the interior for his three large scale drawings. A premiere for Iceland, his drawings refer to motifs relating to the Icelandic landscape and his own personal mythology. The works …

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Fritz Hendrik IV: Droppings

Portfolio Gallery Hverfisgata 71, Reykjavík, Iceland

Fritz Hendrik IV (b. 1993) is an Icelandic artist currently living in Reykjavík. Fritz Hendrik is interested in the act of both the conscious and unconscious staging in life, art, and culture. Fritz also tackles the relationship between tradition, perception, and knowledge in his works. What do we know, how do we know it and …

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Y Gallery Hambraborg 12, Kópavogur, Iceland

Birgir Snæbjörn Birgisson, Erla Þórarinsdóttir, Hekla Dögg Jónsdóttir, Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir, Kristján Guðmundsson, Melanie Ubaldo, Páll Haukur Björnsson, Pétur Magnússon, Ragna Róberts, Rakel McMahon, Sigurður Guðjónsson og Sigurður Guðmundsson.

Katrín Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir: A Complete dream 3 – 6 – 9

The Sculpture Association Nýlendugata 17a, Reykjavík, Iceland

Katrín Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir's solo exhibition A Complete dream 3 - 6 - 9 in Sculpture Garden juxtaposes works shaped and recycled from various materials. There, among other things, about 1.5 tons of concrete clumps from the walls of a neighboring house at Ægisgata 7, more specifically the outer walls of the artist's studio, are …

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Vikram Pradhan: MELT

Opið sýningarrými Ingólfsstræti 6, Reykjavík, Iceland

Vikram Pradhan presents the MELT series at opið. On display there will be photographs that have been printed on matte cotton rag paper. The exhibition will open on May 13, 15:00 - 19:00, and last until May 28. Vikram has earned quite a reputation across disciplines, including film, music, design and visual art in Iceland. …

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Celebrating 20 years of Kling & Bang

Kling & Bang The Marshall House, Grandagarður 20, Reykjavík, Iceland

Kling & Bang is celebrating its 20th anniversary in May 2023 with a Performance-Festival for the duration of two days, 19th and 20th of May. Kling & Bang has provided a lively and sparkling platform for progressive art for twenty years, and to celebrate that you are invited to enjoy a grand performance festival along …

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Associate Gallery Köllunarklettsvegi 4, Reykjavík, Iceland

FERRELYTE is an artist duo consisting of Kamile Pikelyte and Victoria Björk Ferrell. Founded in late 2022, the collaborative project began as an exploration of the intersection between their practices, with a focus on cataclysmic and ecological themes. 'IN NUCLEUS' is the first exhibition of FERRELYTE's co-created works. OPENING HOURS Saturday 20.5: opening + performance …