Memories from tomorrow

Reykjanes Art Museum Duusgata 2-8, Reykjanesbær

For the second year in a row, the Reykjanes Art Museum invites Master students in Curatorial Practice at the Iceland University of the Arts to curate an exhibition in both its exhibition halls. Memories from tomorrow opens on Saturday, 12th of March 2022 and is open until the 24th of April 2022. Memories from tomorrow …

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The Living Art Museum Grandagarður 20, Reykjavík

IMMUNE / ÓNÆM is the result of a two-year research and collaboration project between 11 international artists, designers, scholars and curators, who in their work deal with colonization, queer ecosystems, extractive capitalism and nationalism based on a common starting point: Eggert Ólafsson and Bjarni Pálsson's Travels in Iceland (1775) and the image of nature drawn …


Úlfar Örn: Orka / Energy

Mokka Kaffi Skólavörðustígur 3A, Reykjavík

Úlfar Örn (1952) is an artist living in Laugarás, in the south of Iceland. He studied graphic design and illustration both in Reykjavik and Stockholm, Sweden. Prior to becoming a full-time artist, he worked in the advertising industry and as an illustrator for many years whilst simultaneously running his own creative practice. Úlfar believes that …

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Sara Riel: Destination Mars

Ásmundarsalur Freyjugata 41, Reykjavík

“Destination Mars is a visual journey to space from earth to Mars and back again. The artist applies a variety of techniques to address fundamental questions that touch upon origin, objective, moral and fate. The grandiosity of human scientific achievements echo man’s smallness in space. Technocracy and belief in progress encounters mysticism and past romanticisms. …

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Skaftfell- Center for Visual Art Austurvegur 42, Seyðisfjörður

Alter / Breyta is a collective exhibition by four emerging artists who have all graduated fairly recently from Iceland University of the Arts. The group was chosen collaboratively with Bjarki Bragason, Dean of the Department of Fine Art, and invited to stay in Skaftfell´s residency for three weeks while further developing their proposals. While their …

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Status Check

Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum Hamraborg 4, Kópavogur

The exhibition Status Check provides an insight into the minds and hopes of ten visual artists and writers of the same generation which are prominent in their own field. The exhibition does not claim to be a comprehensive survey of the status of contemporary art and literature. It rather focuses on the artists’ personal experience …

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Three Rearrangements – a Commonality of Escape

Kling & Bang The Marshall House, Grandagarður 20, Reykjavík

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition Three Rearrangements - A Commonality of Escape. In the exhibition artists Daníel Ágúst Ágústsson, Pétur Magnússon, Pier Yves Larouche and Richard Müller show brand new works created specifically for the exhibition space of Kling & Bang. The exhibition runs through the 15th of May Daníel Ágúst Ágústsson (b.1996) …

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Press Photographs of the Year 2021

Reykjavík Museum of Photography Grófarhús, Tryggvagata 15, Reykjavík

Press photographs of the year is an annual exhibition held by The Icelandic Press Photography Association. The photographs are divided into 7 categories. They are: News Daily life Sports Portraits Environment Editorial and series In each category the jury choose the best photo / best series and one image from these categories was selected as …

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Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir: Periphery

Portfolio Gallery Hverfisgata 71, Reykjavík

Periphery, the periphery of the images´ surface, the perimeter of the eye area, the perimeter of the explanatory and of the perceptible. The periphery of objects marks the vision that underlies the visual experience that we have the sense to experience. The periphery also contains elements that are not obvious and go beyond the five …

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Elísabet Olka Guðmundsdóttir: My Eye is a Leaf

Listval Hólmaslóð 6, Reykjavík

Elísabet Olka Guðmundsdóttir (b. 1979) Graduated from the Iceland University of the Arts in 2004. Since graduating, Elísabet has lived and worked in Denmark as a visual artist and art teacher. Elísabet Olka works with various mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, plaster and clay. Works by Elísabeta Olka have been on display in Germany, …

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Leysingar 2022

Alþýðuhúsið / Kompan Þormóðsgata 13, Siglufjörður

Leysingar is a yearly art festival at Alþýðuhúsið in Siglufjörður. This year's participating artists are: Kristín Ómarsdóttir Davíð Þór Jónsson Silfrún Una Guðlaugsdóttir Tara Njála Ingvarsdóttir Sindri Leifsson Óskar Guðjónsson Skúli Sverrisson Samúel Rademaker Þórir Hermann Óskarsson Halldór Ásgeirsson   PROGRAM: Friday 15th of April 14.00 - Kompan, Sindri Leifsson 15.00 - Performance, Silfrún Una …

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Hreinn Friðfinnsson: Conduct 10

i8 Gallery Tryggvagata 16, Reykjavík

Using everyday materials as a basis, Friðfinnsson continually explores elements of time, environment, narration, memory, and perception. Friðfinnsson's practice is characterized by a poignant and recursive nature that creates a framework throughout his oeuvre. Referred to by curator and art historian Hans Ulrich Obrist as “emotional conceptualism,” Friðfinnsson's approach to artmaking is often reductive, and …

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Lukas Bury: You Look Like a Viking

Þula Hjartartorg, Laugavegur 21, Reykjavík

Through the making of paintings, accompanied by writing – both, external as a generator of discourse, but also embedded into the surface of the canvas, Lukas Bury analyses cultural contexts, historical narratives and modern-day virtual iconoclasm. With the incorporation of peculiar perspectives, his motifs tackle pertinent political issues and depict the inner strife of a …

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Design March – Kristín Sigurðardóttir & Flétta: Reshaping Mineral Wool

Hafnarborg Center of Culture and Fine Art Strandgata 34, Hafnarfjörður

Reshaping Mineral Wool is a collaboration between Flétta and Kristín Sigurðardóttur, where they look at ways to transform mineral wool into a new material. In their work, they make use of excess material that is generally not utilised, but instead gets sent to landfill. Moreover, mineral wool is one of the few building materials that …

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Coz Ov Moni 2 (FOKN Revenge)

OPEN Grandagarður 27, Reykjavík

Coz Ov Moni 2 (FOKN Revenge) The 2nd 1st Pidgen Musical in the world. Two friends are out for revenge on a machete-wielding gang that ambushed, wounded, robbed and left them for dead. They spend the day tracking the gang members down one by one. Follow the FOKN Bois (M3NSA & Wanlov The Kubolor) as …

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Visual Art Studies 2022

No one who observes the work of the artists and designers who graduate after three years of specialized studies at the Akureyri School of Visual Arts can be in doubt that these are strong individuals who take their profession seriously and take full advantage of the experience they’ve gained. The student’s strength lies in a focused, …

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Final Projects 2022

Akureyri Art Museum Kaupvangsstræti 8-12, Akureyri

It has become a tradition to exhibit the final projects of Akureyri Comprehensive College’s art and design students at the Akureyri Art Museum. Two exhibitions are held every year, one at the end of the spring term and one at the end of the fall term. This is the seventh year in a row, these …

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Where is my home / Kde je muj domov

Deiglan Kaupvangsstræti 23, Akureyri

Open every day until May 13th hr. 2-8pm Deiglan, Kaupvangsstræti 23, Akureyri Opening of exhibition will begin by concert of musician Jitka Hermankova. “Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.” Beginning of the czech national anthem is the question where is my home. So I tried to find …

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Michaela Grill: Inside the frame

The Factory in Hjalteyri Brekkuhús 3b, Hjalteyri

The exhibition is a retrospective, presenting works of Montréal based artist Michaela Grill. She recreates images of what she sees when walking through forests, deserts etc. which is not a representation of the real but rather an exploration of surface macrostructures, colour progression and movement studies. She wants to depict nature in a way where …

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Unraveling realities — MA Fine Art Degree exhibition

The Living Art Museum Grandagarður 20, Reykjavík

Eleven artists present their final piece, a conclusion to two years of study, two years that each of them spent diving deeper into their respective practices. Their artworks coexist in a truly diverse and exciting ensemble, weaving together a beautiful fabric made of empathy, dreams, trauma, a fascination for both natural and mechanical phenomena and …

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Linus Lohmann: “…something that was, & isn´t”

Outvert Art Space Aðalstræti 22, Ísafjörður

The exhibition “…something that was, & isn’t” contains two four colour intaglio photopolymer prints adjacent to a sculpture. The works derive from impressions and memories of several buildings housing the Technical Museum of East Iceland, decimated by the landslides in Seyðisfjörður in December 2020. While the destroyed buildings of the museum contained many objects documenting …

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Pamela Angela Mellem himlen og haven

Ásmundarsalur Freyjugata 41, Reykjavík

PAMELA ANGELA Pamela Angela Mellem himlen og haven is the last piece in the wing series where the metaphor becomes reality. An installation based on two separate entities. A sculpture and a musical performance. The sculpture is a playable instrument made out of a car door that gives the music an opportunity to be interpreted …

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Reykjavík Arts Festival

City of Reykjavík Reykjavík, Reykjavík

Reykjavík Arts Festival is a biennial multidisciplinary festival with a special focus on new commissions and the creative intersection of the arts. It presents, to the widest possible audience, exhibitions and performances of contemporary and classical works in major cultural venues and unconventional spaces throughout the city. Reykjavík Arts Festival will take place 1-19 June 2022. Since its …

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