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Listasafn Reykjanesbæjar Duusgata 2-8, Reykjanesbær

Vena Naskręcka and Michael Richardt are performance artists, and this exhibition will be a display of where they are at this particular point in time, and a documentation of what occupies their minds at the moment. They are here and now, foreign citizens in Iceland, making their mark on the Reykjanes Art Museum where they …

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Guðrún Gunnarsdóttir: Lines, entanglement and other stuff

Reykjanes Art Museum Duusgata 2-8, Reykjanesbær

Guðrún Gunnarsdóttir is a pioneer in the field of filament art and her exhibition gives a overview of the artists development from the textile art of the 70s, to the three-dimensional work that characterizes her art practice today. Filament art such as Guðrún Gunnarsdóttir practices is undeniably three-dimensional art in a classic sense, even though …

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