January Exhibition Openings in Iceland

January is here, we have prepared for you an overview of exhibition openings this month.  
Join us here for weekly updates on our website for the exhibitions opening in Iceland now exhibitions, which will still be on display in March. You can also follow us on our Instagram account or Facebook page as we list all the exhibitions in a series of stories regularly. You can also come back to this page where we will be adding each exhibition throughout the month of January. 

löng helgi #3

Midgard Base Camp from 17:00 on the 27th of January until the 29th of January.

Long weekend #3 is the third part of an exhibition project, which first took place in 2021 in Oddson hostel, an abandoned facility in Reykjavík. The second part took place in 2022 at Hótel Hafnarfjall in Borgarnes.
Long weekend #3 are an endeavour to capture the multiple sensibilities as well as the various susceptibilities during times of rapid change where time and space have acquired another meaning.



Reykjavík Art Museum – Hafnarhús from the 28th of January until the 31st of December.

Collage has formed the basis of Erró’s artworks for over sixty years, beginning early on with his Meca-Make-Up series in 1959-60, and resulting in more than 30,000 collages today. Through collecting, cutting, pasting and then painting Erró has freely mixed and quoted found material, transforming it into dynamic, striking and jarring visual collisions. In doing so he lends new meaning to the abundance of images that can be gleaned and culled from history, current events, world influences and our everyday lives.



Sláturhúsið from 28th January until 2nd of April.

Jessica Auer has lived in Iceland and Canada for many years. She feels at home in Iceland but also follows in the same footsteps of the tourist who comes to Iceland in search of a new experience. Since 2016, Jessica has travelled around the country to document the tourist’s trail, as well as take photos of those who guard the land, rangers in Icelandic nature. Her work Landvörður deals with our joint responsibility for nature. It shows us how to touch the land and how we allow it to touch us, to move us. However, the work does not solely revolve around those who protect the land or use it, but it is also about the land itself and how we live on it, how everything is connected and flows together. We are particles that are connected in countless ways, we are all part of one whole.



The Living Art Museum from the 26th of January until the 5th of March.

​​The exhibition Fragments of Other Knowledge summarizes a three-year research and exhibition project called Other Knowledge realized at the MeetFactory Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic. It presents a curatorial selection by Tereza Jindrová and Eva B. Riebová and focuses on distinctive works that were part of one of the ten exhibitions from the series Other Knowledge.



Listasafn Ísafjarðar from the 20th of January until the 25th of March

Scattered is a group exhibition with works from old masters of Icelandic art history. Joining works by Jóhannes S. Kjarval, Karl Kvaran, Kristján Davíðsson, Nínu Tryggvadóttur og Kristján Guðmundsson.



BERG Contemporary from the 21st of January until the 25th of February

Stone grey, ochre yellow, rust red – the geological materials in Kristján Steingrímur’s paintings remind us that artists have experimented with clay and minerals since the dawn of time. Kristján mixes his colours by chrushing stones and mixing soil with grease and other organic binding agents. When they appear, they assume a symbolic role and an aesthetic meaning, as Kristján’s paintings refer to specific places and names that have a particular glow, even magic, in the minds of viewers: Námaskarð, Seyðishólar, Sólheimajökull, Rauðisandur, Bethlehem, Carmel, Omaha Beach, Sienna and Bordeaux.


B. INGRID OLSON – Cast of Mind

i8 Grandi from the 20th of January until the 20th of December

i8 Grandi presents Cast of Mind, a year-long exhibition by B. Ingrid Olson. Spanning far longer than traditional museum or gallery shows, i8 Grandi represents a new model for exhibitions. The programming focuses on concepts of space and time, and the presentations will evolve while on view. The sustained duration of the annual format allows artists to consider how time affects their work, and the fluidity encourages audiences to revisit the changing installations.


Kathy Butterly and Eggert Pétursson – Butteryl/Pétursson

i8 Gallery from the 19th of January until the 4th of March.

Butterly and Pétursson are united in their deeply expressive bodies of work, as well as in their decades-long, rigorous dedication to their practices. Butterly and Pétursson’s shared exploration of depth and texture and their attention to detail result in energetic, viscerally powerful artworks. Both artists explore limits and capacities of colour through their technical mastery of glazes and paints: Butterly challenges the limits of ceramics, as Pétursson does a canvas. 


Gunnar Jónsson and Sigurður Ámundason – Delayed at Triste & Sigga Björg and Mikael Lind – INVERSE

Ásmundarsalur from the 14th of January until the 12th and 19th of March.

Delayed at Triste

Not long ago, Gunnar Jónsson and Sigurður Ámundason were traveling across the highlands. Suddenly, a great storm set in and obstructed their travels.


The artists Sigga Björg (visual art) and Mikael Lind (electronic music) will exhibit their new work in Gryfjan, a video/sound installation called Umhverfa.



Reykjavík Museum of Photography from the 14th of January until the 23rd of April.

The exhibition Presence consists of three series of photographs spanning a 25-year period that combine to explore contrasting notions of presence within an Icelandic context.


Hildur Hákonardóttir – Red Threads

Reykjavík Art Museum – Kjarvalsstöðum from the 14th of January until the 12th of March.

The exhibition offers an insight into Hildur’s career and her methods, which are interwoven with prevailing issues of each period, particularly regarding the environment and equality. Hildur is also a productive cultivator and has speculated on various systems, both manmade and organic, that can be found in the world.


Drífa Líftóra Thoroddsen – Bestarium Negativum

Outvert Art Space from the 14th of January until the 5th of March


Sóley Eiríksdóttir – Amuse & Eiríkur Smith – Untitled.

Hafnarborg from the 14th of January until the 19th of March, 2023.

Earlier this year, Hafnarborg received a generous donation of sculptures by artist Sóley Eiríksdóttir (1957-1994), bestowed upon the museum by the artist artist’s daughter, Brynja Jónsdóttir. To mark the occasion, the museum presents a retrospective of Sóley’s works, but Sóley was born and raised in Hafnarfjörður, the daughter of Bryndís Sigurðardóttir and artist Eiríkur Smith.

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