New podcast episode with Elham Fakouri and Sabina Westerholm, director at the Nordic House.

‘For Those Who Couldn’t Cross the Sea’, installation view. Curated by Elham Fakouri. Participating Artists are Adel Abidin, Ahmed Umar, Pinar Ogenci, Thana Faroq and Ibi Ibrahim.

In this episode Becky & Tinna critically unpack For Those Who Couldn’t Cross the Sea with curator Elham Fakouri and Sabina Westerholm, director of the Nordic House. We discuss exhibition themes, the unique position of the Nordic House within the Icelandic art world and some of the inner workings of curating in public institutions. This episode concludes with focus on the current exhibition at the Nordic House, MASKS by artists Kjetil Berge and Gøran Ohldieck. This is take two for the exhibition, which was censored and taken down when first exhibited forty years ago, in the 80s, due to homophobic and anti-queer sentiments at the time. MASKS is curated by Ynda Eldborg and is a part of the official programme of Reykjavík Pride 2023. You can listen to the new episode on our website and Spotify.

Becky mentioned how the Nordic House has become a haven for conversations that are present in our communities and not necessarily being given a platform to take up space in our industry. Sabina in conversation reflects on the inherent role of the Nordic House to support and cater to its Nordic constituents. However, as she herself says:

“We always have to ask ourselves Who is Nordic? And what then is Nordic? And for us it’s important to always show that there are diverse communities that live in the Nordic Region.”

Installation view. MASKS by Kjetil Berge & Gøran Ohldieck. Curated by Ynda Eldborg

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