The Wheel V: All Is Well

City of Reykjavík Reykjavík, Reykjavík

image: Emma Heiðarsdóttir   Opening 9 June, 17:00 at The Nordic House. Outdoors sculptures by a group of eight different artists will appear in several Reykjavík neighbourhoods during the festival. The Wheel is a series of outdoors exhibitions held around the city since 2018 by the Reykjavík Association of Sculptors to honour the 50th anniversary …

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Reykjavík Arts Festival

City of Reykjavík Reykjavík, Reykjavík

Reykjavík Arts Festival is a biennial multidisciplinary festival with a special focus on new commissions and the creative intersection of the arts. It presents, to the widest possible audience, exhibitions and performances of contemporary and classical works in major cultural venues and unconventional spaces throughout the city. Reykjavík Arts Festival will take place 1-19 June 2022. Since its …

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Steinunn Thorarinsdottir: ARMORS

City of Reykjavík Reykjavík, Reykjavík

In Hallgrímskirkja square, three pairs of quiet figures appear. Armored, provocative beings confront vulnerable, androgynous figures who despite their apparent vulnerability stand strong against aggression. The interplay of opposites and antagonistic forces also sparks notions of fusion – of a possible dialogue, relations despite differences. The roots of Armors, Steinunn Þórarinsdóttir‘s stunning exhibition, go back …

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Hrafn Hólmfríðarson Jónsson (Krummi): Bene Fits

City of Reykjavík Reykjavík, Reykjavík

Bene Fits is a compelling and intimate work of photography by Hrafn Hólmfríðarson Jónsson (Krummi), dealing with the reality of being disabled and living in poverty in the 21st century Icelandic welfare state – of a deprived existence in one of the world‘s wealthiest countries. Bene Fits places the personal alongside the socio-economic, creating an …

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Winter Lights Festival

City of Reykjavík Reykjavík, Reykjavík

Winter Lights Festival will take place on the 3rd-6th of February. Winter Lights Festival is an annual event that celebrates both the winter world and the growing sun light after a long period of darkness Due to Covid-19 restrictions this year festival will focus on drawing attention to art in outdoor areas and light installations. The …

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The Icelandic Photo Festival

City of Reykjavík Reykjavík, Reykjavík

The Icelandic Photography Festival (TIPF) is an international festival held January of every other year. The festival was first held in 2012 (under the name "Photography Days").buy premarin online no prescription The Festival's main objective is to support and advance the photographic medium as an art form. The festival's program includes photographic exhibitions with …

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