Where is my home / Kde je muj domov

Deiglan Kaupvangsstræti 23, Akureyri

Open every day until May 13th hr. 2-8pm Deiglan, Kaupvangsstræti 23, Akureyri Opening of exhibition will begin by concert of musician Jitka Hermankova. “Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you find light when all grows dark.” Beginning of the czech national anthem is the question where is my home. So I tried to find …

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Melanie Clemmons: Boreal Crush Pack

Deiglan Kaupvangsstræti 23, Akureyri

Boreal Crush Pack Opening on Sat feb 26th hr. 2 – 5pm Also open on Sun feb 27th hr. 2 – 5pm Gil Artist in Residence Melanie Clemmons exhibits the products of her stay. Digital asset packs, a collection of digital files often organized around a theme, have spiked in popularity for use in video …

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Slow Quick Quick Slow

Deiglan Kaupvangsstræti 23, Akureyri

Sept 25th – sept 26th hr. 14 – 17 Ebba Stålhandske, fibre artist Gudrun Westerlund, painter from Uppsala, Sweden They work with different materials. Ebba is a fibre artist. Gudrun is a painter. This means also that there is a difference in their way of working, to be exact, a difference in the time it …

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