Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum Hamraborg 4, Kópavogur

ALDA is a poignant installation that erodes the boundaries between dance and visual arts. In ALDA, choreographer Katrín Gunnarsdóttir draws upon the history of women's collective physical labour, in particular its relation to repetitive motions and song, to generate an event of intimate female assembly, convergence and coalescence. The driving force behind choreographer Katrín Gunnarsdóttir's …

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We can talk

Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum Hamraborg 4, Kópavogur

Do we need to think about what the Nordic Region means? What Scandinavia means? Aligning ourselves under a shared idea can reveal more differences but also more similarities than expected. We share a lot, but not everything. We also see that these ideas are constructed - by us. Young Nordic artists exhibit works created in our ever-changing reality. Started …

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Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum Hamraborg 4, Kópavogur

Geometry is an exhibition with works by leading Icelandic abstract artists in the 50's. This was the first time in Icelandic Art History that a group of artists were working alongside the international art scene. Women artists were prominent within the movement, e.g. Gerður Helgadóttir, Nína Tryggvadóttir and Guðmunda Andrésdóttir.

Tracing Fragments

Gerðarsafn Kópavogur Art Museum Hamraborg 4, Kópavogur

Through acts of stitching, sculpting, weaving, fragmenting, painting, and recording, Natalie Ball, Abdullah Qureshi, Sasha Huber, Anthony Olubunmi Akinbola, Hugo Llanes, and Inuuteq Storch reclaim historical methods of handicraft, documentation, representation, and archiving. Their works digest certain generational histories with a delicate yet deliberate touch, marked by a tender sentimentality that critically unpacks stories of …

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