Coz Ov Moni 2 (FOKN Revenge)

OPEN Grandagarður 27, Reykjavík

Coz Ov Moni 2 (FOKN Revenge) The 2nd 1st Pidgen Musical in the world. Two friends are out for revenge on a machete-wielding gang that ambushed, wounded, robbed and left them for dead. They spend the day tracking the gang members down one by one. Follow the FOKN Bois (M3NSA & Wanlov The Kubolor) as …

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OPEN Grandagarður 27, Reykjavík

SALE! SALE! SALE! After the holidays there is a sale! Friday, March 4th, a massive discount sale will open in Open between 5pm – 8pm! Open has invited a big group of artists to sell their work with a huge discount. The sale will take place at the end of the this credit card billing …

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OPEN Grandagarður 27, Reykjavík

The piece PUTI is a social choreography that reflects hyperreality, racial roles and hierarchy by referencing an 8-hour workday. Unreliable narrators at best, our voices speak of diaspora-of people experiencing constant displacement, renovation and salvaging heritage in the face of cultural loss. With an unapologetically unabashed honesty and vulnerability, the collective addresses issues, but not …

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