Welcome to episode 2 of the Icelandic Art Center’s podcast ‘Out There’

In this episode Claire Paugam a multidisciplinary French artist based in Reykjavík, shares her practice, themes and experiences from within the studio. An active board member of the Living Art Museum and community, Claire is the current recipient of the Motivational Award of the Year. This recognition is given by the Icelandic Art Prize to an emerging artist who has contributed significantly to the local art scene through their generous practice.

Created and produced by the Icelandic Art Center ‘Out There‘ brings host Becky Forsythe in conversation with artists, curators and art professionals. What does the Icelandic art scene look like today? What can we learn from within the artists’ studio? By getting out into the scene, the studio, the storage, the artist-led space, gallery and museum, and by looking around us? Icelandic Art Center’s podcast ‘Out There‘ brings these things into focus and is a portal reflective of place and our present moment; a widened view that offers impressions of the Icelandic art scene, here and now.

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