The Creative Centre is an ongoing collaborative and community project and our actions and aims are based on sustainable principles and alternative methods. The purpose of the program is to provide emerging and established artists, creatives, designers and progressive thinkers a port for free expression and a place to meet with other creative people in a small collaborative community.

Duration: From 1 - 6 months

Number of Residents: 9 artists

Guest friendly: Partner or guest, maximum 5 nights

Studio type: A shared studio for 8 artists, one private studio.

Work Facilities /Equipment: Wood Workshop, Metal Workshop, Textile (sewing machine), Print workshop (press for lino and wood), Ceramics Workshop (wheels and low temperature 1020°C kiln), Concert Hall, Recording Studio (not included in residency fees).

Disciplines: Multi-disciplinary and open for most creative directions: Visual Art, New Media, Printmaking, Ceramic, Sculpture, Dance, Performing Arts, Land Art, Textile Art, Music, Literature, Crafts, Sustainable Design, Engineering & Photography.

Residency Fee: Yes

Application: Year-round application and open calls