The Gullkistan residency is located in a quiet village by the Laugarvatn Lake with a view of the Hekla volcano. 

The main objective of Gullkistan is to provide a home and workspace for creative people of all professions in an international community in the sublime surroundings of south Iceland where they can work on their ideas and become a part of Icelandic culture locally and in a wider spectrum as each one of them prefers. 

Gullkistan seeks to promote an environment where people are surrounded with nature, and where residents have the possibility to be a part of that society by having exhibitions and to take the opportunities given to take part in local community activities on different occasions.

Duration: Minimum 1 month

Number of Residents: 6 - 10

Guest friendly: Family Friendly. Separate housing when artists bring their families can sometimes be arranged.

Studio type: Shared Studio

Work Facilities / Equipment: Work Desk and wifi. Shared tools. Exhibition space.

Disciplines: Professionally established artists of all fields and academics of all professions.

Residency Fee: Yes

Application: Year-round and open calls.