The residency program at Skaftfell creates an environment for inspiration, focus, and experimentation. It allows artists to experience life and work in a unique community where creativity is applied to the everyday and offers conditions that enrich the dialogue between art and life. 

Skaftfell is far from the busy centers of contemporary art, and offers a refuge, a hiding place, and a thinking space for artists and other creative practitioners. 

We encourage artists in residence to embrace the idea of a slow residency, and to allow themselves time for contemplation, preparing the ground for a shift in their practices.

Duration: 1 to 3 month self- directed residency, 3 week intensive themed residency.

Number of Residents: 3 to 7 artists

Guest friendly: Partners and Children

Studio type: 2 apartments with 2 bedrooms and combined studio/living space, 1 house with 1 bedroom and combined studio/living space.

Work Facilities / Equipment: Access to basic tools and equipment. For the self directed residency: Worktable, internet, general support from staff. For the thematic residency: group workshops, presentations, professional advice and support.

Disciplines: The program is suited to visual artists, artists with interdisciplinary practices, curators and art writers.

Residency Fee: Yes

Application: Open call once a year.